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The Finnish Medico-Historical Society was founded in 1961. The aim of the Society is to encourage interest and research in the history of the medicine and other medical sciences.

The Society arranges meetings with lectures discussing various topics in the fields of medical history, as well as annual excursions to the historically and culturally interesting places in Finland, and occasionally even longer excursions abroad.

Hippokrates, the Yearbook of the Finnish Medico-Historical Society, has been published since 1984. It is the only scientific journal on the history of medicine in Finland. The articles of the journal are submitted to a prepublication peer review.

The Society cooperates with the Nordic and other international societies by exchanging publications and by participating in congresses. The Society also hosts Nordic Medical History Congresses in Finland.

We warmly welcome every one interested in the history of medicine, odontology, veterinary and nursing sciences or pharmacy, to join the Society.

For further information on the membership, the membership fee and/or the journal, please contact the Society in the following postal or e-mail addresses:

Finnish Medico-Historical Society

Heikki S. Vuorinen

Tuukka Helin