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The Finnish Medico-Historical Society was founded in 1961 on the initiative of Professor Gunnar Soininen. Representatives of medicine, odontology, veterinary medicine, healthcare and pharmacy have joined the society since the very outset. The Society aims at furthering the interest in and research on the history of medicine, as well as at collecting objects which throw light upon former developments within these fields. The Museum for Medical History, which was opened a little later, recieved valuable support from the Society in acquiring objects for its collections and in its actual foundation.
The Society is a member of the Federation of Finnish Scientific Societies and works like other member societies. The Society arranges meetings with scientific papers on topics within different fields and excursions to places of historical and cultural interest.
Since 1984 the society has published a yearbook, Hippokrates. The Scandinavian and international activities of the Society take place in form of publication exchanges and attending congresses.

The Society has a membership of over 400, comprising physicians, nurses, dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists. Additionally, representatives of the humanities are members of the Society. The membership fee is EUR 12.

Chairman of the Society is Professor Ilkka Alitalo.

Further information about the Society :

Finnish Medico-Historical Society
PB 132, 00171 Helsinki
tel: +358 400701531
email: ilkka