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Workshop, 29 May 2013, 9.00 – 15.00

Theme of the workshop: Reburial or curation: human remains and ethics

House of Science and Letters, Room 505

Introductory remarks:

Professor Charlotte Roberts, University of Durham, UK
Professor Helena Ranta, Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Helsinki, Finland
Päivi Onkamo, Adjunct Professor in Genetic Bioinformatics,
University of Helsinki, Finland
PhD Markku Oinonen, Finnish Museum for Natural History, University of Helsinki, Finland

PhD Anna Wessman, Archaeology, University of Helsinki, Finland

Modern scientific methods provide new information on human remains recovered in archaeological excavations. The workshop focuses on three topics: 1) What are the possibilities and challenges that the new methods bring to the study of curated skeletal collections and newly found human remains. 2) The novel ethical issues arising for curation and reburial. 3) Ethical guidelines of human remains from archaeological excavations have not been given in Finland. The workshop will discuss the need of such guidelines in relation to national legislation and international human rights conventions.

Workshop coordinator: PhM Kati H. Salo, e-mail: kati.h.salo(at)helsinki.fi